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Women's History Month/SWAG Honoree

Jennette started this journey by making a home for 4 children as a single Mom. Her home was full of love but it also had rules. She set rules, and her children would probably say today strict rules, in her home because she had a vision of what a home run by a single parent should look like.  Working was a priority and Jennette enforced this in her children.

Education has played a major role throughout Jennette's life, and acted as a catalyst for her to have the life that she now has.  Jennette worked diligently to successfully raise her children and to be there for them as much as she could. Her quest for education started with getting her GED and then on to get an AAS in Business Administration and Computer Science. Jennette waited later on in her years to obtain the higher degrees that she sought after.  She obtained her AA Degree from Spokane Falls Community College, and then went on to obtain a BA in Social Science, and later her Masters in Organizational Management, both from Ashford University. Jennette worked hard and spent many sleepless nights completing term papers and tests and studying. She accomplished all of this while being employed full time.

"Yes! I did all that and now I am working from home! I go to work in my pajamas! What a wonderful life!

I am a strong woman of prayer. You won’t find me out there flaunting my spirituality but you will definitely know, just by spending a few minutes with me, in Whom I believe – and that goes without saying."

Jennette has 12 lovely grand children whom she loves dearly, and they in turn love their "Granny" tremendously! 

 "I am a Strong Woman Achieving Greatness and I continue to walk in this vein every day of my life. Life is good! I love people, I love my family and I love myself. I am who I am because of my love for God and His love for me. I am SWAG and I wear it well."


Women's History Month/SWAG Honoree
June 20, 1974 - March 6, 2015

Born in 1974 in southeast Missouri, Shameka "Mikki" Perkins had a smile that rivaled the sun. She was academically and musically inclined. Her beautiful voice gained her the honor of being selected as second Alto for the state of Missouri. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, she met and married Dave Angel. From their union came four beautiful children, Dante, Davion, Marissa, and DeMarcus (DJ).
After a long battle with heart disease, Mikki lost her life at the age of 40.
In Mikki's honor, SWAG was launched on the anniversary of her death, March 6, 2018.
Shameka was loved by many and will never be forgotten.

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